What is Teacher Research?

  • Research to Practice: "Teacher Research: Getting Started" written by Brian Bardine for the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, Kent State University, briefly describes teacher research and provides suggestions for getting started.
  • Fairfax Public Schools Office of Staff Development offers a Teacher Researcher Network.  This section of the site outlines what teacher researchers do and the impact of their work.
  • Action research is briefly described and readings related to teacher research is provided by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.
  • Jeff Wilhelm: You Gotta BE a Teacher-Researcher, by Ruth Devlin for the National Writing Project.  Teacher-author Jeff Wilhelm finds that teachers can do their jobs better and more efficiently and faster by becoming reflective practitioners who do teacher research.
  • ERIC as a Resource for the Teacher Researcher - ERIC Digest outlines salient characteristics of teacher-led research and its benefits. This overview is followed by discussion of selected resources for teacher researchers, which are available through the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC).

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